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Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - ux best practices ebook

WEBINAR: How to deliver more value with data using good UX practices

More and more companies are realizing that providing relevant data to their teams is no longer enough.

It has become a necessity to do this in a way that people can easily extract the value from said data through assertive visualizations that keep good design at the core and make the experience of reading and analyzing data truly palpable.

In this sense, UX Design emerges as an important tool to understand user needs and translate this knowledge into efficient and easy-to-use interfaces and visualizations.

In this webinar, UX Designer and Cluster’s CEO Thiago Pessato, along with Cluster’s Head of Expansion Andres Droege, provide tips and practical examples from Cluster’s years in the UX field on how to incorporate good UX practices in the context of data analysis.

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