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The next 3 problems that NewHub solves for Qlik Sense users – part 2

Expanding on our previous post regarding 3 problems Newhub solves for Qlik Sense users, today we bring you the next 3 main points the portal solves for your audience. Without further ado, let’s get started:


4. Inability to display mashups via the Native Hub

Qlik Sense developers will surely relate to this: A new business need comes in from the financial department requesting a nice and tailored made Mashup pulling data from 2 or 3 different QVFs, into a branded custom Mashup that can be presented at Quarterly P&L meetings both with internal and external shareholders. Great. So far so good. You sit down, work the magic in Qlik Sense and deliver. Smooth sailing, your internal client is now happy.

But! Now comes your problem: The standard Qlik Sense Hub will not allow you to display this Mashup along side the other standard Qlik Sense Apps. What to do now?

NewHub will solve this by allowing you to display both Qlik Sense Apps and Mashups into a centralized environment that internal and external stakeholders can access. Problem solved.


5. Low user engagement rates with Qlik

It’s no secret: native Qlik Sense Apps don’t necessarily offer the most intuitive UX for the end user. This becomes even more apparent when the intended audience is not tech oriented and just needs an actionable deliverable that is both nice to look at and easy to work with. Think about our C-level executive who just needs a key metric on the fly, but does not have the time to be bothered with the details or data science that goes behind the solid Qlik Sense analysis we are making for them behind the scenes.

Without this key aspect in mind, we will quickly find as Qlik Developers that our carefully crafted Dashboards will suffer from low user engagement or, even worse, outright user adoption dropout.

NewHub solves this by delivering well thought-out UX flows, and unprecedented flexibility for Qlik Administrators to bring key metrics to the stakeholders who need them with nice looking layouts and mobile optimized. No coding needed.


6. Whitelabel solution

Last but not least, NewHub delivers a portal that can be totally customized in terms of it’s visual identity. It’s a whitelabel solution that many of our clients have found useful when the need arises to implement a branded solution that still takes full advantage of the powerful Qlik Sense Engine behind it.

Heads up, OEM partners! Should you need to explore options to display Mashups as a Whitelabel solution with Qlik doing the data heavy lifting, NewHub may be for you.

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