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Sompo Holdings

“Customized Qlik Sense Portal for Insurance Brokers.”

Sompo is the second-largest property insurance company in Japan and a trusted general insurer in Brazil

Sompo Holdings
NewHub + Mobile/Desktop App

Captivating insurance brokers with innovative BI

Sompo’s third-party insurance brokers now work with a State-of-the-art guided analytics BI portal with user-centered visualization tools that run Qlik Sense in the background.

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Sompo came to us in 2019 eager to learn how to transform their standard Qlik Sense applications. The goal was to turn them into easily digestible and Data Driven Dashboards aimed for use by independent and non-tech savvy insurance brokers that work within their network.

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Sompo’s BI team in São Paulo first engaged with us in a 3-week intensive course on how to properly design and develop Qlik Sense Dashboards. This first step allowed them to understand the strategic value behind well designed Dashboards.

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Together with a Cluster-implemented Dashboard Template, the sweet spot was reached when our team combined the newly minted guided-analytics Dashboards, with the NewHub software suite.

— Net BI gains for Sompo
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Unified data access point for all stakeholders

Unified data access point to relevant market insights for brokers (simplified and redesigned interface for a better user experience);

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Ability to compartmentalize information

Ability for Sompo to segregate and compartmentalize information to be displayed to brokers, based on user roles, groups and subgroups.

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Solid Data Governance structure

Care was taken so that Sompo’s BI team still leverages the standard Qlik Sense data governance structure directly via the NewHub Admin panel.

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Scalable data access.
For everyone

Data is now significantly closer to relevant stakeholders outside the traditional corporate core, cementing data-driven business decision making practices.


Qlik Sense for non-techies

A comprehensive and easy tool

With our help, Sompo turned Qlik Sense (seen internally as an “analyst exclusive” tool), into a comprehensive and easy to use Software Suite with our Dashboards and NewHub.

Data-informed business decisions

This multilateral solution helps drive data-informed business decisions for their network of independent insurance brokers.

A powerful match: Qlik + NewHub

Today, the company ensures that portfolio management and business management are be able to use Qlik’s powerful data visualization and consolidation capabilities through NewHub.

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