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Migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense Mobile

With vast knowledge and internal experience developing QlikView panels, BMG decided to take a step forward and migrate to the Qlik Sense environment.

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BMG decided to migrate their panels from QlikView to Qlik Sense. However, the internal BI team soon realized that for an audience that prefers to consume ready-made analytics on smartphones through guided panels, the experience Qlik Sense offered out of the box was not yet complete.

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Our first mission with them: to consolidate the main commercial performance indicators into a friendly interface. Paired with a design that mimicked Android and iOS apps as close as possible, the mashup aimed to group several native Qlik Sense panels so that users did not notice any changes across different app contexts.

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Full delivery of new animations, styles, transactions and features in all graphics and tables within the app. Even as the primary use for these apps would be on smaller screens (phones), all pages were designed and implemented in order to adapt to larger screen sizes: tablets, desktop computers and larger smartphones.

Huge Leap in User Engagement

Using the Qlik Sense APIs to call data and render it freely on the screen, we were able to deliver a palpable boost in UX interactions.

This had a direct result in increasing user engagement rates.

BMG are now making use of front-end development techniques in conjunction with Qlik Sense to deliver a huge leap in quality and mobile experience for all stakeholders.

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