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Studio Z in need of developing a panel to control the efficiency of stores and regional offices, that is, to monitor the work performance of its top people in order to improve and optimize the sales process.

We needed to come up with innovative user interfaces that focused on the use of the Qlik Sense Engine on smartphones. The goal was to enable real-time control of regional performance for individual storefronts of the retail operation. The target audience here were C-Level management types with a preference for guided analytics platforms.

Cluster made use of the best software development practices in order to guarantee stability within the existing client’s BI environment.

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— The process

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Prototyping and UX Design

We collaborate with you to sketch a digital canvas that captures the essence of what you’re looking to achieve. Understanding your final goal is the key to make this step a success.

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Data Engineering

We identify your key data sources, whether it’s Qlik Sense, BigQuery, or something else. We work to collect, transform, and store your data. We make sure it’s not just any data, but the right data, clean and primed for insightful visualization.

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Using cutting-edge front-end technologies and data visualization tools, we create a deeply functional digital masterpiece.

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Post-Delivery Support

After project completion, our dedication doesn’t wane. We ensure that you don’t just launch your product or project, but thrive with our support.

Focus on your business journey
Let us drive the technology

We expertise in technologies and processess so that you can focus even more on your core business and less on the operation.

Qlik Sense

for building interactive and insightful data analytics through dataviz


for crafting interactive and efficient user interfaces


for creating customizable dashboards and reports, empowering data-driven decision-making


for server-side JavaScript development, allowing efficient and scalable web applications

Google BigQuery

for analyzing massive datasets quickly in a cloud-based data warehouse


for collaborative design, enabling our team to create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces

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