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Definition of QVF

QVF (QlikView Document Format) is a proprietary file format used by QlikView, a business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. QVF files contain data, scripts, visualizations, and other components that make up a QlikView application, allowing users to analyze and explore data interactively.


Importance of QVF

QVF files are essential in QlikView as they serve as the container for the entire application, encapsulating data, scripts, and visualizations. They enable users to create and share QlikView applications that contain data models, dashboard layouts, and interactive visualizations for data analysis.

Features and Functionality of QVF

Data Storage

QVF files store the underlying data used for analysis in QlikView, including tables, fields, and associations between data tables.


QVF files include script components that define data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes, allowing users to manipulate and transform data from various sources

Visualization Objects

QVF files contain various visualizations, such as charts, tables, and graphs, which users can create and customize to represent data in a meaningful and interactive manner.

Data Associations

QVF files capture the associations between different data tables, enabling users to explore and navigate data dynamically based on these associations

Expressions and Calculations

QVF files store expressions and calculations that allow users to perform aggregations, calculations, and data manipulations on the fly within the QlikView application.

Layout and Design

QVF files define the layout and design of the QlikView application, including the arrangement of visualizations, dashboards, and user interface elements

Collaboration and Sharing

QVF files can be shared with others, allowing collaborative data analysis and exploration within the QlikView environment.

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