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NewHub with Easy-to-Use Admin Panel

At Cluster we are constantly pushing the limits we can get to with help of the Qlik API. This exploration helps us increase Mashup performance as we get to deliver incredible data visualizations for our clients.

Our product NewHub behaves no differently. And as such, we are now releasing our third iteration based on continued client feedback and ongoing consultations with them.

In this version we have gone to great lengthts to make sure installing and configuring the software goes as smoothly as possible with the help of an automatic installer. We call it NewHubAdmin and it works just like a regular Qlik extension you simply unzip on your QMC’s extension folder.
You will have the software up and running straight from the Extensions Folder, no longer requiring you to configure anything from within the QMC after the initial unzip.

Some of the features you will take advantage of in this version are:

  • Ability to rename custom properties without losing association (a Qlik Engine core issue we have been able to bypass! Way to go, engineering thinking!)
  • Ordering groups and subgroups
  • Ability to change NewHub’s extension name
  • All updates made intuitive via the custom-made NewHubAdmin (it runs just like a regular Qlik extension)
  • Ability to bring KPIs that have been configured in Mashups upfront at the main Dashboard

This is our last planned NewHub update for 2019. Next year we are incrementally looking at upgrades on a quarterly basis, in tandem with Qlik Sense upgrades that you are already familiar with.

download newhub for qlik sense now
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