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NewHub 3.2: What’s in store next?

As February comes to a close, we want to highlight what the upcomig NewHub release will have available upon release (scheduled for March 2022). Now more than ever, NewHub can help bring the most out of Qlik Sense with a user-friendly interface or apps that anyone can understand.

Horizontal current selections Bar;
This version highlights the ability to have a “current selections” bar open on each ClusterApp mode sheet that is open. With valuable feedback from our user base, we brought this basic native Qlik Sense feature that was missing from our offering.

“Self-service” button within the context of app navigation
This one also brings you a step closer towards bridging the operational BI analyst role and the panel user. Relevant roles will have the option to open the Native application from Cluster App directly, in order to work and publish new content on any given application that is displayed in NewHub.

List an app within the context of NewHub’s main menu without having to set it to a group

This feature is especially exciting for QAP server implementations: Apps will have the option to be opened directly on the “root” navigation mene of NewHub (without the need to link them to a specific group). This is relevant for clients that already use Qlik Sense Apps with universal access, but segregate specific content access via internal sheets.

Ability to hide objects only on mobile phones

Say goodbye to irrelevant visualizations that would otherwise clutter mobile access to Qlik Sense. The Admin role will have the option to show or hide individual objects of a sheet for mobile or desktop views independently. One more step towards decluttering screens and segregate relevant content on the appropriate device.

Individual apps and sheets can be displayed in more than one group

This one is quite self explanatory. As the title suggests, the Admin can now deploy apps to more than one group. This becomes relevant when different users have access to different sheets inside the same app; It will save time and App maintanance efforts by avoiding having to “duplicate” apps to display them on different groups.

Ability to rename apps (and sheets) to display them in the NewHub menu

Last but not least, this client request has very neat added value: when there is a large number of analysts working on creating Qlik Sense Apps, naming conventions can quickly become a mess. This will give power to NewHub Admins to rename user-genetaed Apps in such a way to maintain pre-established naming conventions and content organizational structures.

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