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NewHub 3.0: A 2-year journey from MVP to automatic “Mashup” rendering machine

NewHub has been constantly evolving over the past 2 years, always making sure we kept a close eye on feedback from our clients.

Over several product iterations with valuable input from all of them, we have evolved from a simple MVP solution that helped centralize Qlik Sense content that was neatly organized into custom Groups and Subgroups into a comprehensive solution for Qlik Enterprise and QAP customers that solves far more than just organizing Qlik content.

Today marks an important milestone for us at Cluster: Version 3.0 sees NewHub maturing into what will finally turn the page into what our team originally envisioned when we first started this journey: delivering an automatic redesign option for native Qlik Sense apps via the newly crafted “Cluster App” skin. This feature essentially changes the whole interface on how a native Qlik Sense apps renders on the screen, without having to build a mashup.


Screenshot of a native Qlik Sense App being rendered inside NewHub with the help of “Cluster App”


In a nutshell, as of today all NewHub customers will be able to enjoy a truly mobile-optimized UX experience when interacting with Qlik Sense once they open their native apps inside the NewHub portal. Thanks to “Cluster App”, this is now a possibility simply by clicking a checkbox on the NewHub Administration Panel, which will turn any native Qlik Sense application into a Mashup carefully designed to fall visually in-line with NewHub’s overall theme. In the process, we have made sure the entire experience remains actionable, workable and accessible when analyzing dashboards on-the-go on mobile devices.


Enabling the “Cluster App” visualization mode from the Admin Panel with a single click

“Cluster App”, shipping together with the launch of NewHub 3.0, is now available to all NewHub paying customers. Get in touch to learn more, and how this automatic “Mashup” rendering machine can help improve user engagement for all the BI solutions you run with Qlik Sense.

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