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New Hub

Definition of New Hub

New Hub is a platform provided by NewHub that offers a revamped experience when using Qlik Sense dashboards. It serves as a product designed to address common challenges faced by users, such as navigating between and within dashboards, lack of customization options, mobile usability issues, limited native support for mashups, restricted user navigation autonomy, lack of filtering and dashboard grouping capabilities, fragmented view of multiple dashboards, and low user engagement or adoption rates.


How New Hub Simplifies Your Qlik Sense Analysis

Centralized Access

New Hub provides a centralized access point for organizing and categorizing your applications and mashups, ensuring a streamlined experience for users.

Content Refinement

Through the New Hub administration interface, you can define which applications and mashups are made available to users, allowing you to refine and control the content presented in the New Hub.

Embedded Applications

Qlik Sense dashboards are displayed within the New Hub with an enhanced interface, prioritizing readability and providing a vastly improved user experience.

Mobile-First Approach

The New Hub prioritizes mobile usability, offering the best navigation experience for smartphones and tablets when accessing Qlik Sense dashboards.

Branding Customization

New Hub enables you to apply your own branding elements, such as logos and customized color palettes, allowing you to shape the visual identity to align with your corporate branding.

Integrated View

The New Hub provides an integrated view where you can see the charts and insights from each application and mashup directly on the New Hub’s homepage, providing a comprehensive overview at a glance.

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