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Live Google Looker examples

Our team has developed a global data open dashboard using Google Looker, illustrating our end-to-end expertise from concept, data handling, design, web development, to deployment.


Global Energy Dashboard

see live demo

Rescue Panel - Rio Grande do Sul

see live demo

A Google Looker custom web app refers to a web application that integrates Google Looker’s capabilities, tailored to meet specific business or organizational needs beyond the standard Looker offerings. Google Looker is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that enables data exploration, visualization, and reporting by leveraging the power of SQL and BigQuery to transform raw data into actionable insights.

These web apps allow you to fully customize the entire UI and UX via web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc.

Businesses should start by identifying the specific analytics needs and user interactions they wish to enhance with Looker’s capabilities. This involves leveraging Looker’s Embedded Analytics feature, which allows for the integration of interactive dashboards and reports directly into your custom web application, providing users with valuable insights without leaving your app.

The technical steps involve setting up an embed user in Looker, configuring the necessary permissions, and using the Looker Embed SDK to embed analytics into the web app. This SDK simplifies the process of integrating Looker into web applications built with various technologies, whether it’s a simple site or a complex web application.

A custom web app using Google Looker’s embedded analytics is best considered under specific circumstances where the standard Looker interface and functionalities may not fully meet your organization’s needs or when you aim to provide a more integrated and seamless user experience.

With the ability to customize functionality and integrate sophisticated security measures, a custom Looker web app empowers businesses to address unique needs, providing a competitive edge by offering differentiated, value-added services to customers.

Yes, you can embed Google Looker inside your existing web application. Looker’s powerful embedded analytics capabilities allow you to integrate interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations directly into your web app, providing users with valuable insights within the context of your application’s environment. This embedding is facilitated through Looker’s Embed SDK and the use of iframes, enabling a seamless integration that maintains the look and feel of your existing web application while adding the robust data exploration and visualization features of Looker.

This integration can significantly improve user engagement, operational efficiency, and the overall decision-making process within your organization.

To become a Google Looker webapp / embedded analytics expert, you will ideally need to master best practices in Dataviz, UI, UX, and web development. It’s important to understand Google’s ecosystem, differences between Google Big Query, Google Looker Studio, Studio Pro and more, how to handle authentication, user access, etc.

We know this is no easy task, so at Cluster we have split the team into two fronts: Information designers (who take care of the whole visual and reading experience of the data) and developers, who bring to life and connect the real data to the screens prototyped by the design team.

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