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Four tips for harmonizing colours on your Qlik Sense Hub

There are thousands of colours to choose from for your BI Dashboards, but you don’t have to work too hard to redefine or create a good layout for QlikSense, especially with NewHub.

Now, to help you along the way (and especially if you don’t yet use NewHub to centralize access and improve user engagement for Qlik Sense via UX-driven solutions), take a look at our 4 tips to create a custom dashboard following your company’s own visual identity!

1. Less is more

Choose up to 3 main colours. Using few colours helps users focus on the content. You can use them together with different shades of grey, for example.

Pro Tip: Do not use colours that don’t help complement your brand.

2. Colour represents function

Use colours to indicate action. Dropdowns, links and buttons need to have cohesion and therefore similar colours.

Do not use very different colors for similar functionality.

3. Use colours to help guide your eyes

Highlight selected items. In the menu, you can guide the user with a grayscale background and white text, for example.

Pro Tip: Do not draw too much attention to active items, this will pollute the application and visually overwhelm the user.

4. Whitespace is your friend

Keep clear areas clear. That whitespace serves a subtle but important purpose: content breathability. You can choose white or a light shade from the original color palette to display card backgrounds and graphics; this improves content readability, and your eyes will thank you for it for not having to work as hard.

Pro Tip: Do not let colour get in the way of readability: a colour that is too strong can confuse your users and send the wrong message.

NewHub was designed with these principles in mind, which effectively help user engagement with Qlik Sense. If you still don’t use NewHub, download it now! Let us know if these tips were helpful for you and your team.

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