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Definition of DevHub

DevHub refers to a development platform provided by Qlik Sense, a powerful data analytics and visualization tool. DevHub empowers developers to create custom solutions, extensions, and mashups, allowing them to extend the functionality and capabilities of Qlik Sense according to their specific needs.

Importance of DevHub

DevHub plays a significant role in the Qlik Sense ecosystem as it enables developers to leverage their creativity and expertise to build tailored solutions. By providing a robust framework and set of tools, DevHub empowers developers to create innovative applications, visualizations, and data-driven experiences that align with business requirements.

Applications of DevHub

Custom Solutions

DevHub allows developers to build customized solutions that address specific business needs, providing tailored analytics and visualizations that cater to unique requirements.


DevHub enables the creation of extensions, which are custom visual components that enhance the capabilities of Qlik Sense. These extensions can add new chart types, data connectors, UI elements, or advanced functionalities to Qlik Sense applications.


With DevHub, developers can create mashups, which are hybrid applications that seamlessly integrate Qlik Sense analytics into web pages or existing applications. Mashups enable the embedding of Qlik Sense visualizations, objects, and interactive features within other web applications, providing a cohesive user experience.

Custom Themes and Styles

DevHub allows developers to define custom themes and styles to match the branding and visual identity of organizations, ensuring a consistent and personalized user interface across applications.

Advanced Analytics

DevHub provides access to advanced analytics libraries, APIs, and tools, empowering developers to incorporate machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis into their Qlik Sense applications.

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