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Cluster expands services and partners with Google’s Looker to elevate UX and Information Design Consultancy segment

In an exciting development, Cluster, a leading company specializing in UX and Information Design, is expanding its consultancy services.

Partnering with Google’s Looker, Cluster is now poised to provide a more comprehensive range of services, including UX, UI, Information Design, and Web Application Development for the Looker BI platform.

Previously focused solely on clients utilizing Qlik Sense, the collaboration with Looker opens up new possibilities as Cluster begins catering to clients who leverage Looker and BigQuery. With this groundbreaking partnership, Cluster is not only taking care of data extraction, integration, and visualization using Looker’s native capabilities but also delivering advanced customizations that have earned them international acclaim.

Enhanced Offerings

The strategic alliance between Cluster and Google represents a significant step forward for the company. With their expanded service portfolio, Cluster can now offer a holistic approach to information management and data visualization for Looker, bolstering their reputation as experts in the field.

Previously, the company’s primary focus was centered around Qlik Sense clients, but with the inclusion of Looker and BigQuery clientele, they are well-positioned to reach a broader audience.

Looker Integration and Native Expertise

With the addition of Looker to their repertoire, Cluster can now cater to Google Cloud Platform clients seeking tailored data solutions and actionable insights.

The integration of Looker’s native capabilities enables Cluster to handle data extraction, integration, and visualization. By harnessing Looker’s powerful data analytics and exploration tools, Cluster can help clients make informed decisions and uncover valuable business insights with ease.

About Cluster

Cluster is an international reference in the UX and Information Design domain with over 9 years in the market.

Their team of skilled professionals specializes in providing advanced visual customizations, creating tailor-made solutions that align precisely with their clients’ unique Dataviz and Analytics requirements. With the inclusion of Looker services, they are poised to bring even more advanced and innovative solutions to the table, opening up their solutions portfolio to Google Cloud Platform clients that were previously unserved.

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