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Cluster empowers National Gender Violence Map to win international award

A Comprehensive Data Solution Highlighting Violence Against Women in Brazil

The National Gender Violence Map, an innovative platform consolidating essential data on violence against women in Brazil, recently garnered international acclaim by winning the Qlik Global Transformation Award. This award, presented by the global leader in data integration, analytics, and artificial intelligence, recognizes projects that leverage data for substantial global impact.

Cluster, a leading technology company, played a crucial role in this achievement, delivering comprehensive technical solutions for the project. From data processing to creating custom visualizations using ReactJS, Cluster ensured the platform’s robustness and user-friendliness, enabling stakeholders to access and interpret critical data effectively.

Held in early June in Orlando, Florida, the Qlik Connect 2024 conference celebrated data science and analytics advancements. The event featured over 100 sessions and workshops, spotlighting initiatives like the National Gender Violence Map that utilize data to drive positive societal change.

Launched in November 2023, the Map results from a collaborative effort involving the Federal Senate’s Observatory of Women Against Violence (OMV) and DataSenado, the Avon Institute, and the data journalism organization Gênero e Número. It includes the National Survey on Violence Against Women, the longest-running study series on this issue in Brazil.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality data and insights to address the critical issue of violence against women,” says Beatriz Accioly, Partnership Coordinator at the Avon Institute. “The National Gender Violence Map empowers institutions to make informed, evidence-based decisions, monitor laws and public policies, and create solutions to improve the safety and well-being of women in Brazil.”

Cluster’s Technical Contributions

Cluster’s role was pivotal in transforming raw data into a comprehensive, interactive platform. The team handled the entire technical stack, including:

  • Data Processing: Efficiently aggregating and cleaning data from multiple sources and loadingt it to a Qlik Sense app.
  • Custom Visualizations: Utilizing ReactJS to build intuitive, user-friendly visualizations that make complex data accessible and actionable on top of the original Qlik Sense application.
  • Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems to provide real-time updates and accurate insights.

“Building a platform that systematically unifies nationwide data on violence against women was a significant challenge,” explains Maria Teresa Prado, Coordinator of the Observatory of Women Against Violence at the Federal Senate. “Cluster’s technological expertise was instrumental in overcoming these challenges and delivering a tool that meets our high standards for quality and usability.”

Impact and Future Prospects

The National Gender Violence Map stands as a testament to the power of technology in addressing societal issues. By providing transparent, high-quality data, the platform supports policymakers, researchers, and activists in their efforts to combat violence against women.

The recognition at Qlik Connect 2024 underscores the platform’s potential to inspire similar initiatives globally. As Cluster continues to enhance the platform, the focus remains on expanding its capabilities, data and reach, ensuring more stakeholders can benefit from this invaluable resource.

“We are honored to have contributed to such a meaningful project,” says Thiago Pessato, CEO of Cluster. “This award validates our commitment not only to make companies and data users more engaged with data solutions, but also to leveraging technology for social good by developing solutions that drive positive change.”

Cluster’s involvement in the National Gender Violence Map highlights the company’s dedication to technological excellence and social responsibility, setting a benchmark for future projects aimed at improving lives through data-driven insights.

Discover how Cluster’s technical expertise powered the award-winning National Gender Violence Map. Learn about our role in data processing, custom visualizations, and creating impactful data portals. Talk to our team

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