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Experienced UX Designers and
Front-end Engineers ready to help

We create data visualizations through Mashups and Extensions that native Qlik Sense applications are unable to deliver.

With clients in Canada, the US, Brazil, UK, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Israel and Australia, we strive to help drive data adoption rates through solid UX-first solutions.

Our core value resides in the qualityconsistencyexcellenceadded value

of the work we deliver


Qlik International granted us the “Adoption in Brazil” award, as the only representatives in Latin America with a design focus.


Specialized professionals in each area (Dataviz, Design, and Front-End Development) ensure fast deliveries for your project.


Prototyping via low- and high-fidelity wireframes, visual design completion, and front-end development.


We adapt to your needs. We can work either via face-to-face consulting, or remotely under flexible work scope structures.

Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - team

“The STZ Dashboards revolutionized the way we started to monitor our main KPIs, providing continuous and daily improvement, in an effective and consistent way – The quality gain we achieved for our process management and execution was notorious.”


“After we delivered Cluster dashboards with NewHub and with custom mashups, the demand for analytics increased a lot”

Plinio Bernardes

Planning Analyst

“It’s been an immense pleasure working with such a talented and focused team of professionals, bringing real digital transformation to our customers.”

Luciano Dall’Antonia

Vice President Professional Services

Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - team

“NewHub allowed us to neatly customize and organize our Qlik HUB, bringing to the forefront a friendly interface that unites access to Qlik Sense and QlikView in a single place.”


“After we introduced NewHub, last year we had a 400% adoption increase as it relates to information consumption for performance monitoring, decision making and on demand report outputs.”

Erick Hoepfner

“Cluster has been a strategic partner with MPRS for years, helping us to design advanced dashboards in Qlik Sense that are easy to use, beautiful, and intuitive for users”

Juliana Rodrigues Marques

Coordinator – MPRS.labs

Your Qlik Sense data. Visualized.

Captivate Qlik audiences with innovative data visualization solutions. To date, more than 50 companies in 10 countries around the world trust us with their dataviz needs.
Successful delivery of more than 200 projects and 3 products in over 8 years in operation.
We started operations in 2014 solely focusing on QlikView projects. Today, we’ve expanded to work with Qlik Sense and other proprietary frameworks.

“Cluster allowed us to neatly customize and organize our Qlik HUB, bringing to the forefront a friendly interface that unites access to Qlik Sense and QlikView in a single place.”

Eduardo de Spirito –  Data & Analytics Delivery Manager

Meet the Team

We are proud of our diverse versatility.

A growing multidisciplinary team of designers and developers makes up the bulk of our team, always striving towards flexibility and quality in what we deliver.

We are able to work across cultures in English, Portuguese and Spanish out of Brazil, Colombia and Europe, welcoming talent from all walks of life.

Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - Thiago Pessato

Thiago Pessato

Co-Founder & CEO
Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - Team

Thomas Pessato

CTO & Co-Founder
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