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3D Analytics with Qlik Sense

After several tests, we have successfully integrated Qlik Sense APIs with 3D models in an interactive way. But what does this mean and how much value does it deliver? Well, it depends.

It has always been a desire to have a more meaningful immersion into data analytics with visualizations explicitly targeted at our clients’ businesses.

Some industries have more possibilities for exploring and leveraging 3D analytics. Some examples of sectors: are food, drink, agriculture, automobile manufacturing, etc.

3D analytics examples

Now some practical examples of practical use of 3D models integrated with data.


When displaying a 3D car (depending on the selection of the analyst viewing the dashboard), it will be possible to analyze, directly in a graphical representation, which parts make up the total price of the car, which parts/area of the vehicle usually have recalls, etc.

Without the need for tables with endless rows and columns. Of course, you can combine 2D elements (charts, text, etc).

3D model by Rossty


Visualizing a hospital and understanding which departments/floors have the highest patient allocation per period and consequently the revenue, in a totally interactive interface (using a 3D map of the hospital).

3D model by DuskoAvramovski

3D Analytics and projects/dashboards

If you have visualizations with 3 dimensions, it is already a sign that 3D would work in some way (kind of obvious, but not for everyone).

Visualization made by Tyler Morgan-Wall


The main starting point is to think outside the box, understanding that analyzing data in 3D is much more than using a 3D bar graph because it is ‘prettier’, but bringing the reality of your business to the project.

Ultimately, the goal is to generate value for the business. With the right dose of creativity and with the right data available, it is possible to make information even easier and more understandable for everyone.

If you are interested in innovating in your area and taking your analytics to the next level, send us a message. We’re happy to transform everyone’s analytics experience to create even more value.

Feel free to take a look on our first project developing 3D Analytics with Qlik Sense here.

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