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Unravel analytics through design

We are UX, Dataviz and Developers experts focused on Analytics solutions.
Go beyond native with Qlik Sense, Looker, Tableau, and other BI tools.

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Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - team

“The STZ Dashboards revolutionized the way we started to monitor our main KPIs, providing continuous and daily improvement, in an effective and consistent way – The quality gain we achieved for our process management and execution was notorious.”


“After we delivered Cluster dashboards with NewHub and with custom mashups, the demand for analytics increased a lot”

Plinio Bernardes

Planning Analyst

“It’s been an immense pleasure working with such a talented and focused team of professionals, bringing real digital transformation to our customers.”

Luciano Dall’Antonia

Vice President Professional Services

Cluster | Qlik Sense Mashups - team

“NewHub allowed us to neatly customize and organize our Qlik HUB, bringing to the forefront a friendly interface that unites access to Qlik Sense and QlikView in a single place.”


“After we introduced NewHub, last year we had a 400% adoption increase as it relates to information consumption for performance monitoring, decision making and on demand report outputs.”

Erick Hoepfner

“Cluster has been a strategic partner with MPRS for years, helping us to design advanced dashboards in Qlik Sense that are easy to use, beautiful, and intuitive for users”

Juliana Rodrigues Marques

Coordinator – MPRS.labs

Custom Qlik Sense Responsive Dashboards

Qlik Sense Dashboards; Redefined.

Simplicity + sound UX visualization principles come together in our custom Dashboards.
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